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West Olive Estates is rated 4.9 out of 5 based on 9 reviews.

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"Wonderful Experience" 5 out of 5

by Lindsey Ertman on 3/16/2016
This was my first time purchasing any sort of home and Terry did a wonderful job to get me into my home as soon as was possible. We had some problems with the lender and Terry went above and beyond to help me. The park itself seems to be very lovely. I haven't been here long, and the weather has been crummy, so not much time outside. The play yard is getting re-done sometime this year and I'm excited to see what they do with it. The pool is a nice bonus as well. So far I haven't had any issues with neighbors or mess/trash. I haven't dealt much with Ashely, but the little bit I did she was very kind, helpful and honest. As others have said the one thing I have felt when dealing with all the office people is that they truly care about the residents here- I have been amazed at how friendly and caring they are. :-)

"The staff is awesome !!!" 5 out of 5

by Gary and Chris Cook on 8/18/2015
We have been here for over a year now!!! We came from California, had never lived in a mobile home park before coming to West Olive. We have had issues here and there, but I must say that Ashley and crew have bent over backwards for us to make us feel welcome and solve our problems. We would highly recommend this beautiful park and it's awesome crew!!! Gary and Chris

"New Owners of West Olive Estates" 5 out of 5

by Debora McKee on 8/5/2015
I have lived here for almost 15 years and I'm very happy with the new management team. They are very friendly and caring people like no other mobile home park that I have been in. The park is clean and organized and If you come to the park office and have a problem, they will work with you to make it right. Meaning they CARE! Thanks to Ashley, Pat, and the rest of the management team!

"West Olive Estates The Place To Be" 5 out of 5

by Autumn Groelsma on 11/25/2014
I have recently taken up residency here at West Olive Estates. I am completely satisfied with this park, The staff are amazing they care for there residence and are super helpful. The park is VERY clean and always kept up. They also have great amenities. They have an indoor pool and hot tube, washer and dryer units available and a banquet hall. to host parties. There are lots of VERY spacious compared to MANY other trailer parks. Oh they also have a nice size pond to go fishing. If any one is considering this park I say your move will be nothing short from PERFECT. and you will be VERY SATISFIED your self..

"West Olive Cares" 5 out of 5

by cheryl anderson on 11/13/2014
I have been a resident of West Olive Estates for about 14 years. I can say this. Is that the do care about their residents. If you have a problem they are will to come and check it out and make it right. I had recently had my daughter and son in law buy a home within the park and its been a blessing to me and my family.

"People Do Actually Care Here" 5 out of 5

by jacki horn on 10/30/2014
I am a newbie here....This community is amazing...as the staff that made it happen...thank you. Am very pleased at the smooth moving transition with all the bumps and hurdles we came across. These folks were all polite always were there for me always checking on things getting things ready and answering my demands..and I know I am a handful. Ashley...Pat...Terry and all the guys are polite helpful informative helpful...and the perks...so nice pool hottub mail woman shes nice ....privacy....like so nice that people actually care follow through and make it happen ...Thank ya all...really appreciate it...love it here......jacki

"Great Place to Live " 5 out of 5

by Collin LaLonde on 10/30/2014
I moved to West Olive Estates with my girlfriend in the beginning months of Summer 2014. I find West Olive Estates to be a very affordable place to live, especially because of it's ideal location, in correlation to shopping, beach fun, a color tour down the lake shore, etc. The employees of the community who are willing to help with any questions also make things easier. This community is a quiet place to live, with no mischief. I moved here from the East Side of the State, and it has been a great change of pace living here. I'm young, and I think this is a great place for young people trying to make a living, start a family, or people settling into retirement. If you haven't already thought about making a move to West Olive Estates, there's a 4 season hot tub and pool. Overall, I have had no negative experiences here, and I'd refer anyone here, who is looking for affordable living with an opportunity to grow.

"Great Review for a Great Place" 5 out of 5

by Mary Hartman on 8/19/2014
My husband child and I moved here from Sun Home Communities and this park is daylight to dark. Granted we have only lived here for a couple weeks but what the office did to get me in in our home was amazing. Ashley (the manager) worked her tail off. She is such a nice gal. Our situation at Sun Homes was so poor she checked in with me daily to make sure we were still doing okay. Since we have moved in here she has checked in on a regular basis as well. I love it here. I love where we live I love my neighbors never had the privilege to have neighbors like the ones I have now. The pool is amazing and the underground sprinkling had me on my death bed I couldn't believe that a park had underground sprinkling. When I am telling people about the park I don't describe it as a mobile home park I call this a Modular Subdivision. Our past home we bought had holes in the ceiling you could see Jesus and the floor had holes as well to were you could see the devil. The home we are in I feel like I live in the Hampton. My family and friends have been here to visit and their mouth drops. I cried when we first moved in because I never thought our family would be in something so nice and the location so perfect. I cant think of one thing I don't like in this park. Also not only do I already think this place is amazing they are doing upgrades to everything. They have redone the clubhouse which is so large you could definitely host a very large party. They are going to redo the playground which will be great as we go to the park all the time. I also like how all the homes are not situated in the same way which makes it look so much nicer. I have a huge yard on a very quiet street with drains and street lights and neighbors are so polite. I haven't had a chance to meet all of them yet but the ones I have met are exactly what we were looking for in the word "Neighbors". I would recommend this park to anyone at any age. People who have lived in other parks such as River Haven would not and cant not believe this is a mobile home community. From the bottom of my heart I thank every person who works for and in this community. 5 out of 5 stars and honestly 5 isn't enough. I plan on living in this community for a very very long time at least ten years if not more.

"West Olive Estates - General Review" 4 out of 5

by Lori Maas - Van Dam on 6/12/2014
I have been living in the West Olive Estates Community for 18 years and have gotten to know many of the residents and find this a peaceful and caring area where neighbors are friendly and helpful . The indoor pool is a really nice "perk" especially on cold days when the hot tub is a welcome relaxation and there is a nice large community room with attached kitchen available for those big events when you need a large room . I have used it several times for birthday and anniversary parties and craft sales . All were wonderful ! West Olive maintenance team is always friendly and willing to assist in a variety of ways to help residents. Also they do an excellent job keeping up with park appearance in landscaping and mowing the park/playground area and perimeter of park. There is a playground for small children and basket ball courts for the sports fans . Also there are tennis courts, though they are in need of some repair, it is still fun to get out and enjoy the park area. Our area is beautiful with rolling hills and dunes,surrounded by tall pines , plenty of walking and biking trails and close to Lake Michigan and State Parks in Grand Haven and Holland. Management Team is always willing to listen and take action to keep this a safe and friendly community . Very helpful to me personally when I needed a lot of paperwork from years ago. researched and copied within 24 hours ! It's good to know that people really do care ! THANK YOU ! I am a happy home owner with great neighbors and plan to be here for many more years.